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Creation Kit Skyrim Mod Tool Elder Scrolls 1.8

2012-11-23 12:12:19 GMT


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I decided to share this Creation Kit here I found online. I has been checked with nod32+latest update and is clean. (for you panicking paranoics)

It's the Creation Kit for Skyrim update 11 (

I cannot guarantee it will work, but it should work fine as I used the CK from this source before. Please be patient as my upload speed is shitty until more seeders come. Please give feedback.


(Note: The world we live in is becoming increasingly shitty with oppression from all sides. Please show some solidarity toward your brothers from the internet in any way you can - it is the last free place we have - for now.)		


Okay, here's the news. I tested the CK on my game. It works fine, and it is the 1.8.151 version. This is legit. Please ignore my previous torrent with the same name, I uploaded the wrong file.

Update 11 (needed for this CK) is here:
Thank you thank you thank you!
It works perfectly with
I was looking for this all day!
I even downloaded steam D:
I tryed to share this same version 3 days ago but after the upload was complete nothing happened so i quited.
Thanks for this but Im a bit surprised by the low file size, half the size of the previous version? Why so light?
Wow im a moron, its just compression. Nm. This seems legit.
I re-packed this version to remove the password and use 7z encoding thus lowering the file size significantly.
Downloading now, my previous CK crashed when loading update 11, will report back saying whether it works or not.
It works, but I can't load Dawnguard with it. Ah well, at least it works with the new update, thanks!

Did you add the Dawnguad into the load order?

It would appear that this torrent does not work for me. It starts up with the Creation Kit logo etc, etc, etc but then crashes accompanied by "Creation Kit has stopped working"

I have the latest update for the game and the Creation Kit is sitting in my Skyrim Directory, so I am at a bit of a loss as to what is happening... and how to fix it for that matter... can anyone help?
Make sure you're not using a tiny cracked steam_api.dll (around 12KB or so) if you're trying to run the Creation Kit. Doing so will definitely crash it. If you have the Reloaded Dragonborn update, the cracked steam_api.dll (175KB) has all the data CK needs, so it'll run fine. Before Dragonborn, I had to rename the steam_api.dlls whenever I wanted to use the CK, switching between a cracked (for the game) and uncracked (for CK) version.

Although I never had this problem I have heard that the steam_api.dll can cause problems as alibabi1201 has said. Use the .dll from the update 11 or Dragonborn and see if it works.

Try to use steam_api.dll form update 11 or Dragonborn and see if it works as alibabi1201 suggested.
I'm afraid this solution does not work :( I have used the .dll from both Update 11 and Dragonborn and the CK still crashes on start up.
Thx for your help either way, I suppose I'll just have to stick with downloading mods rather then making them.
Hi, I just downloaded this torrent, but I'm not sure about how to get it installed. Can anyone leave an installation guide please?
Extract into your base Skyrim directory, ie. so that CreationKit.exe is in the same folder as TESV.exe.
I feel you, the world is becoming more and more oppressive every day and the internet is one of our last sanctuaries.
It's a shame the world has come to this, were you have to be anonymous to be a good person.
I have a hundred warnings saying it can't find Navmeshes, cells or other stuff. And when I try to mod a NPC there forehead is the wrong color which is a problem with the interpolation setting not working properly. With an uncountable number of other problems. WTF!? Did I do something wrong in the move or download? Does anyone have a fix?
will this work with 1.9 ?
Works with 1.9