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Windows 8.1 Build 9385
Applications > Windows
2.78 GiB (2984706809 Bytes)

2013-05-03 00:25:28 GMT
2010kaiser VIP


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                    Windows 8.1 Build 9385 - 2010kaiser

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MD5: F63A3228114C3B4F10686290FF89EA58
SHA1: 87DC2BE0C33E5042529E267B96A3A2B45457F747

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Can also download Direct link at this site don't
know how long the link will last though.
Do you have it in x64?
i hv bought new laptop with Dos last week. so im gonna install this copy to it. so i just need to verify that no reason to make me worry by installing this copy. hope working this 100% perfectly.
special thank goes to uploader.

And also i got to know that when first time installing windows 8 to new laptop, we have to manually install drivers. is that true?
@JaySL: for every torrent there is a uploaded by field, and sometimes you will see a small tiny icon(s) after the uploader name, just mouse over those little icons you will see what they stands for, and in this case, the green TPB icon means the VIP of the site, which in order words it means this is 100% trustworthy and tested-working program/torrent, and the torrent intro section also often contains very important info regards to it. however, you need to be aware that due to the complexity of the computer technologies it might not totally work as described, but that uploader VIP title is means all torrents uploaded by this user is "genuine", by genuine i mean tested-working and trustworthy. {{{correct my opinion if i'm wrong, TPBers.}}} also, for the drivers question, win8 contains only most commonly needed hardware drivers with minimal functionality, so if you have the official drivers disk comes form hardware packages then they are the better ones to go if you know you will need those extra functions.
@JaySL: just try to remmend you that this windows build is a pre-beta release, "leak" to be exact, which in microsoft corporation words are, "may not be stable" for even the beta releases and for testing purposes only, not suitable for consumer everyday use. And for the drivers, just make sure you have the network card driver before you install any os.
@zztl: thank alot for ur detailed introduction :)
now i can clearly understand this.
For those who dont know, windows 8.1 is new update 1 - codenamed Blue, which is scheduled to released in late 2013 and this torrent is most likely early "leak" which probably contains a lot of bugs.
Hello. Is there a 64-bit version? Does anyone know and has a link?
There is no 64 bit version. Just install Windows 8 64 bit, then wait until June 28 for Windows 8.1 public preview from Microsoft which will become available in the Windows Store App on the Start Screen.
Sorry, June 26!